The Python IRC Bot

Version 4.2.0

Module changes

  • A new .cur command can convert a number of currencies, including Bitcoin
  • .c can now understand a comma used as a radix point (rather than a period)
  • .w can now look in the Wikipedia for a specified (or configurable default) language
  • Timezones are now more user-friendly, and used more consistently across modules
  • Misc. bugfixes

Core changes

  • willie.web now verifies HTTPS connections properly
  • The SQLite database file respects use of ~ in the configured filename
  • Willie can now run in Python 3
  • Willie now depends on python-backports.ssl_match_hostname (see README.rst for installation instructions)
  • Misc. bugfixes

API changes

  • trigger.is_privmsg is added for an easy way to see if a trigger was created in a private or channel message
  • get_timezone and format_time are added to tools to make displaying time according to user/channel format easier
  • Added bot.notice and an optional notice parameter for bot.reply for easier sending of IRC NOTICE messages