The Python IRC Bot

Version 4.4.0

Module changes

  • .cur behaves better when bad arguments are given
  • Fixed numerous Unicode errors
  • Added a command to open an IPython console within the module context
  • Added mass units and millimeters to .cur
  • GitHub pull requests now get extended URL info
  • .weather now displays wind in m/s instead of kts
  • A security issue involving improperly named channel logs was fixed
  • Misc. bugfixes

Core changes

  • Channel joins at bot startup can be rate limited with the throttle_joins option in the [core] config section to work around server limits
  • Added the ability for SASL login where the nickname and username are different
  • Improved loop protection and rate limiting
  • Fixed multiple Python 3 errors
  • Enable logging the bot in to Authserv at startup
  • Added support for Postgres as the database backend
  • SSL cert location detection now works on Debian-based systems
  • Misc. bugfixes

API changes

  • Unicode in command decorators now works properly
  • web.get now decodes the result from UTF-8, with a dont_decode argument to disable