The Python IRC Bot

Version 4.5.0

Module changes

  • Willie will now alert the owner at startup, and every 24 hours, when a new version is available
  • .calc will now time out on excessively long calculations, and is less likely to error out
  • .help now works properly for command aliases
  • .help will now output multi-line help in multiple messages, rather than all at once
  • A new .uptime command tells how long the bot has been running
  • .length can now handle astronomical units
  • Absolute vote counts are no longer shown in reddit output
  • Using .setlocation without a location will no longer set your location to Italy
  • Time units for .in are now case-insensitive
  • .duck no longer gives a long, unrelated URL

Core changes

  • Scheduled tasks now work properly under Python 3
  • Willie no longer accepts partial matches for admin status

API changes

  • Setting attributes on the bot object now works as expected
  • The status code is now returned from web.get as _http_status in the headers
  • web.get now attempts to decode based on headers, rather than assuming utf-8
  • web.iri_to_uri is now available to decode internationalized domain names
  • A willie.formatting module is now available to simplify IRC bold, underline and color formatting