The Python IRC Bot

Version 4.6.0

This release starts preparations for Willie 5. See for more information.

Module changes

  • The ^ operator in .calc is now equivalent to **
  • .dice, .tr, and .addtrace give meaningful errors when no argument is given
  • A number of database issues were fixed (more will be fixed in Willie 5)
  • A number of Python 3-related issues were fixed.
  • Malicious URLs are now detected with VirusTotal and malwaredomains
  • .weather no longer shows pressure

Core changes

  • The config wizard no longer configures the database, instead automatically creating a SQLite DB
  • MySQL and Postgres databases are deprecated; only SQLite will be supported in Willie 5
  • Logging channel and level can be configured with logging_channel and logging_level in the config
  • A --version switch was added to the willie command, to show the version in use
  • Corrupt PID files will no longer prevent the bot from starting
  • Non-ASCII values no longer crash the config wizard

API changes

  • Numerous functions were added to the db to ease the transition to Willie 5
  • tools.Nick has been renamed to tools.Identifier. Nick will be removed in Willie 5
  • willie.web functions now specify a meaningful default user agent
  • now supports dicts as the payload, and can optionally return headers
  • config.get was added as an alias to config.parser.get
  • Callables can now handle more than one event by stacking decorators