The Python IRC Bot

Version 5.0.0

This release contains backwards-incompatible changes. See for more information.

Module changes

  • YouTube no longer shows bizarre lengths when the bot is running under Python 3
  • When Wikipedia links are posted, a snippet of the article is shown

Core changes

  • WillieDB is entirely rewritten, meaning migration will be needed to access old data
  • Logging output to the debug channel is improved
  • The name of the NickServ user can be configured with nickserv_name in [core]
  • SSL is disabled on Python 2.7 when backports.ssl_match_hostname is not installed

API changes

  • Deprecated WillieDB functions are removed
  • CTCP actions are stripped prior to matching, and added to the 'intent' key of trigger.tags
  • Deprecated Trigger functions are removed
  • bot.debug is removed, in favor of standard Python logging
  • tools.Nick is removed, in favor of the tools.Identifier introduced in 4.6.0