The Python IRC Bot

Version 6.2.0

Module changes

  • An error in excluding URLs from title display is fixed
  • Case sensitivity issues in currency and dice commands are fixed
  • Guards to require channel or private message are added to a number of commands, to avoid confusing errors
  • A calculation bug in the countdown command is fixed
  • Misc. minor bugfixes and improvements

Core changes

  • An occasional error with SSL connections on Python 3 is fixed
  • On servers which support IRCv3 account extensions, the services account name can be used to authenticate the owner
  • Numerous additional IRCv3 features are supported

API changes

  • bot.privileges is now deprecated in favor of bot.channels
  • bot.channels contains more information about the channels the bot is in
  • bot.users is now available with information about the users Sopel is aware of
  • sopel.web is now deprecated in favor of the third-party requests library
  • trigger.time is added with the current time, or server-time if the server supports it
  • is now available as an enum of IRC numeric replies