The Python IRC Bot

Version 7.1.3

Plugin changes

  • announce: fix Python 3 compatibility [#2166]
  • reddit: fix handling post links with parameters, e.g. sorting [#2163]
  • reddit: silence PRAW update notices [#2171]
  • tell: don’t strip IRC formatting at message start [#2162]
  • translate: better error handling in .mangle [#2160]
  • wikipedia: skip messagebox template contents for cleaner snippets [#2159]
  • wikipedia: improve handling of links to transcluded sections [#2168]

Core changes

  • Fixed showing plugin information in sopel-plugins CLI tool even if loading the plugin fails [#2135]
  • Stop warning about parse == bool configuration settings in 7.x [#2164]
    • This warning will return in Sopel 8.0, a major release which will be a more natural time for plugin maintainers to release compatibility updates.
  • Fixed requests requirement on Python 3.3 [#2172]