The Python IRC Bot

Version 7.1.8

Plugin changes

  • isup: ensure compatibility with newer requests versions [#2235]
  • reddit: handle image preview links [#2245]
  • search: per tests of both back-ends, warn more consistently about multiple site: operators [#2254]
  • translate: fix accepting language hints for Chinese [#2242]
  • url:
    • bump user-agent [#2218]
    • tweak logging levels to better reflect severity [#2249]
  • wikipedia: refine handling of sections with “hatnote” templates [#2225]
  • xkcd: improve reliability of comic search [#2247]

Core changes

  • Formatting tweaks in IRC logging output [#2250]
  • Requirement tweaks to make sure installing on Python 3.4 still works (but if you’re still using that, please update your Python)

API changes

  • Fix/improve more documentation [#2251]