The Python IRC Bot

Making Sopel ignore people

Sopel has a built-in ability to ignore specified people. This is managed through the .blocks command. Sopel can block by either nickname or hostmask.

Both the nicks and the hostmasks you give to Sopel use regular expressions. If you’re just looking to block a specific name (like you might if you want to block another bot), you don’t need to worry about this. Otherwise, refer to this page for details about the syntax.

The .blocks command is used by giving it one of three different commands: list, add, and del. These list all blocks, add a block, or delete a block respectively. After that, it takes an argument of either nick or hostmask, indicating whether you want to list/add/delete nick or hostmask blocks. add and del both take a final argument, the nick or hostmask block that you want to add/delete.

.blocks add nick somenickhere
.blocks del nick somenickhere
.blocks add hostmask .*@.*\.bad\.actor\.net
.blocks list nick
.blocks list hostmask