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Sopel 6.0 Name Change and Migration

Writing Sopel modules is cool. But what’s cooler is sharing them. We want to make that easier. With that in mind, we’re preparing for Sopel 6 to focus on enabling that. It will include some new features to make it easier to share and enjoy modules.

However, in order to facilitate these changes, we do have to make some breaking changes. This page tells you what you need to do to account for them. It will be updated with more information as development toward Sopel 6 continues. Don’t worry; this will likely be the last release with breaking changes for a while.

An early alpha version is available here.

Name change

For a number of reasons, we’re changing Willie’s name to Sopel. This will have a very big impact on everyone. Users will need to install the bot using the new package name. Module authors will need to import things from the new package name (that is, replacing import willie.module and the like with import sopel.module).

Login configurations

This is the only user-facing breaking change we’re planning. In 5.3.0, the auth_password, auth_user, and auth_method settings in the config, were added, and apply to all the different ways of authenticating that Sopel supports. They will replace the old settings (like nickserv_password) which will be removed in 6.0. If you configure with the wizard, you won’t notice this change; it only really concerns you if you’re manually editing the config file.

Messaging function changes

The functions used in modules to send messages have been made more consistent with each other, and between triggered (like in commands) and un-triggered contexts (like in @interval callables). The changes are as follows:

Reorganization of

A few things have been shifted around in for 5.3.0, splitting the module up into a few smaller, easier to maintain modules. While they’re still importable directly from in 5.3.0, they’ll only be importable from their new locations in 6.0.

Static configuration sections

The documentation for the core configuration settings has always been lacking, so we’ve come up with a way to make it document itself the same way we document the API. However, to force ourselves to document it, we’ll be disabling the magic that lets you grab arbitrary keys from the core config. You’ll only be able to use the pre-defined ones. The sections for your own modules will stay the same as they are now, unless you want to use this new functionality for them. Only config.core, and possibly the sections for some of the modules we include by default, will change.

Refactoring of module loading

A bunch of stuff is getting moved around and refactored so that we can load modules from folders. Unless you’re messing with the loading internals in your modules, this won’t break anything for you.

Removing ancient rule formats

This really only affects you if you’re porting a phenny or jenni module. Those bots supported callables with a tuple in the rule attribute. Willie quietly accepted this, when you set the attribute directly rather than with a decorator, though it was considered deprecated from 3.1. It added confusing code with no clear benefit, so we’ve removed it.