The Python IRC Bot

Version 6.0.0

This release contains backwards-incompatible changes. See for more information.

This is the first release in which the bot will have a new name. Current tentative name is Sopel.

Module changes

  • chanlogs, rss, github, and radio modules are removed
  • Default in admin module is now to join on invite from anyone; the old default of only joining on invite from admins can be configured
  • Wikipedia module‚Äôs per-channel default language configuration is deprecated; a database-backed option will be added in a future version
  • .seen replies on action messages now display action messages differently
  • .kick no longer truncates the message, and .kickban works properly

Core changes

  • Deprecated login configs have been removed in favor of the new auth_* values
  • Module reloading has been redone to enable modules to be installed from PyPI
  • IRCv3 capability negotiation is updated for v3.2

API changes

  • Configuration has been entirely reworked. Old wizard functions and the get_list() function are removed, but most other uses of the config should continue to work.
  • The reorganization of introduced in 5.3.0 is finalized; the old import locations no longer work.
  • bot.msg is deprecated in favor of bot.say, which can now be used in un-triggered contexts with an additional recipient argument