The Python IRC Bot

Version 6.1.0

If you are updating from a pre-6.0 version (i.e. Willie), there are backwards- incompatible changes which you should be aware of. See for more information.

Module changes

  • A regression which prevented the URL safety detection from working is fixed.
  • Issues with some special characters in DuckDuckGo searches are fixed
  • lxml is no longer required by any modules, greatly simplifying the install process
  • Misc. minor bugfixes and improvements

Core changes

  • A regression which disabled blocking functionality is fixed
  • Examples are no longer mangled by the .help command, and show the correct prefix
  • The listing from .commands is now separated by module
  • Issues with reloading folder modules are fixed

API changes

  • ListAttribute configs can be set to a list or set, with the same effect
  • The configure method of validated config attributes now takes the parent config and section name