The Python IRC Bot

Version 7.0.1

Sopel 7.0.1 contains small fixes and tweaks for core code, core plugins, and documentation. As this is a maintenance release, there are no new API features or deprecations to report—but stay tuned for a few new things in version 7.1.0.

Plugin changes

  • The reddit plugin now displays when a redditor is an admin [#1764]
  • When triggered by a native media link, reddit plugin output will include a link to the submission page (comments view) [#1814]
  • Fixed reddit plugin not matching links with encoded characters [#1827]
  • clock plugin’s .setchanneltz command now emits an error message if an unprivileged user attempts to use it [#1828]
  • Fixed the units plugin’s handling of 16 ounces / 1 pound [#1829]
  • Fixed loading remind database with reminder(s) containing certain IRC formatting characters [#1831]

Core changes

  • Hotfixed a crash that could occur if the connection was lost [#1820]
  • Sopel now prints the used config file path at startup [#1822]