The Python IRC Bot

Version 7.0.2

Plugin changes

  • Fix version comparison in find_updates plugin [#1832]
  • Suppress link when xkcd plugin is triggered by a URL [#1848]
  • Fix reddit grammar when post/comment only has 1 point [#1849]
  • Handle missing data when safety plugin uses VirusTotal [#1851]
  • Update search plugin for changed Bing SERPs [#1852]
    • Also fixes xkcd plugin’s find-comic-by-keywords functionality

Core changes

  • Fixed that per-channel configuration didn’t work as documented for some plugin types [#1840]
  • Show how to use channel key (password) in configuration examples [#1844]
  • Fixed URL callbacks bypassing user/channel restrictions [#1845]
  • Capped urllib3 (transitive dependency from requests) version on Python 3.3 to avoid a recent release breaking things
  • Meta: Fixed incorrect links in changelog entry for 7.0.1

API changes

  • Handle 0 seconds properly in tools.time.seconds_to_human() [#1843]