sopel.irc.utils contains low-level tools for IRC protocol handling.


This is all internal code, not intended for direct use by plugins. It is subject to change between versions, even patch releases, without any advance notice.

class sopel.irc.utils.MyInfo#

Store client, servername, and version from RPL_MYINFO events.

client: str#

Alias for field number 0

servername: str#

Alias for field number 1

version: str#

Alias for field number 2


Remove newlines from a string.


string (str) – input text to process


the string without newlines

Return type:



TypeError – when string is None

This function removes newlines from a string and always returns a unicode string (str), but doesn’t strip or alter it in any other way:

>>> safe('some text\r\n')
'some text'

This is useful to ensure a string can be used in a IRC message.

Changed in version 7.1: This function now raises a TypeError instead of an unpredictable behaviour when given None.