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Module configuration

This page contains documentation for all modules within Sopel’s main modules directory. If you have added modules without rebuilding the documentation, or are using a secondary modules directory, those modules will not be shown here.



name example purpose
hold_ground False Auto-rejoin the channel after being kicked.
auto_accept_invite True Auto-join channels when invited.


name example purpose
domains, A list of Bugzilla issue tracker domains


name example purpose
tz America/Chicago Preferred time zone (see; defaults to UTC
time_format %Y-%m-%d - %T%Z Preferred time format (see


name example purpose
GeoIP_db_path /home/sopel/GeoIP/ Path to the GeoIP database files


name example purpose
meeting_log_path /home/sopel/www/meetings Path to meeting logs storage directory (should be an absolute path, accessible on a webserver)
meeting_log_baseurl Base URL for the meeting logs directory


name example purpose
enabled_by_default True Enable URL safety in all channels where it isn’t explicitly disabled.
known_good, List of “known good” domains to ignore.
vt_api_key 0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef Optional VirusTotal API key to improve malicious URL detection


name example purpose
exclude https?://git\.io/.* A list of regular expressions for URLs for which the title should not be shown.
exclusion_char ! A character (or string) which, when immediately preceding a URL, will stop the URL’s title from being shown.
shorten_url_length 72 If greater than 0, the title fetcher will include a TinyURL version of links longer than this many characters.


name example purpose
default_lang en The default language to find articles from (same as Wikipedia language subdomain)
lang_per_channel #YourPants:en,#TusPantalones:es List of #channel:langcode pairs to define Wikipedia language per channel