The Python IRC Bot

Command-line arguments

Sopel’s command-line arguments are as follows:

-h, --help
Show the help message and exit
-l, --list
List all available config files
-c filename, --config filename
Use the given config file. Path is relative to ~/.sopel. If not given, default.cfg is assumed.
-m, --migrate
Migrate the current Sopel configuration file from the old .py format to the new ConfigParser-based .cfg format
-d, --fork
Run Sopel in the background. Output will still be shown unless --quiet is used.
-q, --quit
Tell a running Sopel to quit gracefully. (That is, send a QUIT message to the server before exiting.) This only affects the Sopel instance with the same config file — i.e. the same --config will need to be specified here if it was specified when you started Sopel.
Suppress all terminal output
-k, --kill
Kill a running Sopel in an un-clean fashion (i.e. send SIGKILL to the process; no quit message will be sent to the server). Like --quit, the same --config must be specified here as when it was started, if any. Should only be used if Sopel does not respond to --quit.