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The Python IRC Bot

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From PyPI

Installing from PyPI is the best way to install Sopel, since it'll handle installing all of the extra stuff you need to run all of the modules properly.

Sopel works on both Python 2 and Python 3. If you're planning on using Python 3 with CentOS, you may want to see this guide on getting that set up easily.

You will need to have pip installed. On Debian and Ubuntu, you can do this by running sudo apt-get install python-pip in a terminal. For OSX and Windows, follow PIP's setup instructions here.

Once you have pip set up, just do sudo pip install willie (until 6.0 is released, whence it will be sudo pip install sopel). If you get an error about lxml (or, probably, any other big messy looking error), it's beacuse pip is having problems installing lxml, which some modules depend on. You're best off installing python-lxml from your package repos and trying again. If you can't for some reason (you're using a virtualenv or alternate python, you don't have root access, you're on Windows), follow their instructions here.

Manual installation

The latest version of Sopel is available here. Download it, and run python install. You will need to download all of Sopel's dependencies and install them manually as well. These can be found on the Python Package Index. The only one that's needed for the bot itself to work is backports.ssl_match_hostname Other things are needed for modules to work properly. If you get errors about being unable to import modules when you start the bot, search for them on PyPI.

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